JULY 19, 2019


Shoe design and millinery label WESTERNAFFAIR exudes sustainable luxury, cherished by her cult following. The Polish-Slovakian mountains an arcadia seeping new possibilities to be illuminated by the immortal glow that her sculptures emulate.

So, let’s start by you telling us a bit about yourself and your background
I have a fine art background. I have studied fine art and specialised in making sculptures and building sets. Through this I started my own practice of combining fashion and art and making somewhat wearable-sculptures.

What first introduced you to millinery and designing shoes?
Just my own eagerness to experiment with materials and techniques when I was at school. My goal was to learn as much as possible, to try every workshop available and really get my money’s worth.

What made you focus on these realms of design?
I think because shoes or a hat can stand on its own, its reminiscent of a sculpture. Therefore, it felt familiar for me, going on this path of designing.

What does your creative aura (or your aura) emulate?
Well, I’m not sure I am there yet. But one day I hope to walk into a room and see the spark in people’s eyes and hear them whisper. You know the excitement of seeing someone you admire. I want to be recognised for the right reasons and cherished for my creative work.

What are your key inspirations or fascinations fueling your creativity?
What’s available to me. I never had the budget to start factory production and it turned out to be a blessing because through this, I found a way of making sustainable pieces. I source dead stock and use it as the base of my design. Then I add all the other elements such as the sheepskins I came across whilst away with family in the Polish - Slovakian mountains.

Do you have any thematic tendencies or ceremonies necessary for the development of your pieces?

How do you perceive the evolution of your brand and creativity; how has your work formed into what it is today?
It has definitely come a long way, things like which materials work and which don’t, it’s all trial and error and you learn it with time.

What does the arcadia of your designs look like?
The arcadia of my designs is my Instagram page, that’s where they all live immortally. But my paradise is somewhere with lots of objects which I could acquire to make new designs.

What’s next on the horizon?
Finally, a website launch!