JUNE 4, 2019


Thanyy is an artist based in Italy. When he is not studying architecture, his fantasy leads him to new physical explorations - a dreamlike place made of bodies that dismember, deform and where the elements of his daily life are a source of inspiration. Thanyy creates day after day a new, strange and colorful world that both disturbs and amazes.

What is the question behind your work?
How long can i streach my limbs before they break?

How will the aesthetics you develop be translated into architecture?
Both in architecture and in my pictures i don't want to create something just "aesthetically pleasing", i also like to explore and study things that looks nice but doesn't make you feel nice. I want to understand the perception of a space or a picture created on purpose to make you feel unpleasant feelings.

Does Instagram have an influence on your aesthetics?
Well, being a social network, it allows me to get in touch with many artists and photographers who inspire me everyday. Here's some artists that have inspired me a lot over the years: @salvijia @beijetype @boris_camaca @nadialeelee @filipcustic1

What are your sources of inspiration?
Literally everything can be the source of my inspiration. I can start with just a piece of clothing or a palette of colors and easily built a whole concept around it. As i said before, artists on social media definitely plays a role in inspiring me. But i think even a lot of my teenage year's passions helped me shape my aesthetic. I was totally creeped out, but at same time interested in alien/mutant movies, like "The Thing" by John Carpenter. I was in love with Tim burton and it's Edward Scissorhands. Lots of artists and performers, such as Rebecca Horn and her fingers gloves or the painter Giorgio De Chirico and his desolated and oniric places.

Why is your body the main object of your experiments?
I've always been interested in using my own body as a primitive object to produce art. But i always had a strange relationship with it. When i was in middle school i hated it because i used to get bullied about it, i thought i was too skinny, almost like an insect. In high school i started drawing crazy mutant creatures, with long necks, creepy skinny hands, long legs, arms and big teeth. And now I'm turning these exaggerated features into reality.

What does your ideal world look like?
Everything is concrete grey, except the people and their clothes. It's rare to find creature that are 100% human. Beware of creature with long legs. They are most probably thiefs. Fast runner, of course. Creature with long necks are weak and harmless. Don't talk to them. People with bull terrier nose are very neutral and silent. No information about creatures with long fingers. They all live in peace though.

Do you have more dreams or nightmares?
Last night i had fever, and as usual when I'm sick I do a recurrent anxious nightmare. Basically i'm trapped in this loop of action that repeats to infinity with no escape and i am aware of it. In a relentless limbo between being awake and being asleep.