JULY 9, 2019


Proxima2000taur is an artist with futuristic and radical aesthetic influences, creator of extravagant facial compositions mixing elements of recovery with great imagination. In search of the man of the future, this artist takes us on a journey into an astonishing universe, the fruit of improvisations and dazzling energy. We have discovered a sensitive and joyful artist who will surprise you as much as make you think.

Why does your imagination focus on facial creations ?
I guess it's more a "default" choice. In my imagination and dreams, my creations are set in a certain environment, I pose and stand in a certain way, I am dressed with precise garments, enhancing my facial "mask" and the whole scenery carries a certain sense. At their best, my creations would tell a story. At their worse, they would be very aesthetic.

Unfortunately, I have very few ressources in terms of hardware, let alone time and money. Outside shootings conditions and full body pics are really hard to set up when you are doing everything by yourself (make up, dress up, make sure everything holds and don't move or fall, take the pic by paying attention to all the photo settings etc.).

So for the moment, I focus my creations on what I can do well : facial ones. However, I'm still very happy with it ! Sticking to facial creations allows me to get to the essential and display at its best the aesthetics I'm digging.

I feel like a futuristic organic aesthetic in your work. A mix of both modernity and nature. Tell us about your style.
Indeed. I've been very inspired lately by the mixing of natural, organic elements (wood, plants, fruits, insects...) with what you call modernity. In my opinion, nature and "modernity" aren't antithetical. Quite the contrary actually ! I hope we are marching towards a world where nature and modernity would coexist in a perfect symbiosis. That's my dream vision of "futuristic organic".

Therefore, my current style is impregnated by that futuristic organic touch, but they are of course lots of other ingredients. I'd have a hard time listing them all but I enjoy "name-dropping" them on a daily basis according to the mood I'm in : italiancore, arabgoth, hikecore, healthtech, cybernature, Fondatia, etc. In general, my style is a mix of all those big inspirations.

To give you a more precise answer, I guess the main theme of my general style is to explore what would be the generic, casual style, or the fashion-victim style, in 100/1000/2000 years, here on Earth or elsewhere according to whatever happens to humanity...

From an artistic or even philosophical point of view, who are the people who inspire you?
Hannah and Steven from Matieres Fecales are heads down one of my biggest inspiration. I could write lines and lines about them, they are both so sweet, easy-going, down to Earth, and their designs and philosophy are beyond humanity. Daily inspiration. Salvjiia probably comes 2nd in terms of aesthetic inspiration. Her latest works are absolutely insane !

In the wider instagram spectrum, I can mention björk, aunhelden, isshehungry, sam_makeup_art, ectocorp, cupidsvault, lylexox, jadej4de, spicy.obj and her work on happy99.online, expo156, anthr0morph, gsuoxi, cc6oy, 3217namsoorim, earth_science, _fifa.___ , thisisizaak, Hanseul Ha from zing_ha, vanillajellaba, pyromuse, paulanuska, metaraph_ , Jazelle from uglyworldwide... and a lot more.

In the fashion field, Rick Owens and all the people appearing in the japanese magazine Fruits.

Philosophically, in its non-academic definition, I must mention Alexandre Astier whose intelligence and talent shed me to tears. My three sisters and my girlfriend are definitely a big philosophical inspiration and support as well. Also, special shoutout to my brother-in-law who is an exemple of happiness and whose philosophy helps me in the worst moments even if he probably doesn't know it.

As an artist who imagines the future, are you optimistic for our planet? You're asking me about our planet. Not about humanity. I would answer by saying that I have faith in humans' adaptation capacity. This is what we've been doing for hundred thousand of centuries. Adapt. We don't invent stuff only because we are bored, we do especially because we are facing something seen as a problem, and willing to bring a solution to it. We started with fire and here we are with little magic boxes called smartphones. I believe that this capacity of projecting ourselves is inherent to our specie. And I'm sure that even if the end of the world happens, the survivors, if they are any, will find a way to adapt to their post-apocalyptic environment and will keep sailing through time and space. But that's my answer about humanity. Regarding the planet... it's harder to be optimistic. The ecology and its debates are gaining more and more importance, more and more people are concerned about it... but what do we not know yet, that would be crucial for the safeguarding of our planet ? I'm a bit lost and I don't know the subject enough to predict what is likely to happen.

I would say that pessimism won't lead us to anything positive, but as time passes, it looks like neither does optimism.

Our future doesn't have to be dystopian. Will it be though ? I hope not. I'm not optimistic about the future of our planet. I'm hopeful.