MAY 16, 2019


Discover Orrin's new album. The fruit of several years of work, it is an amazing journey awaiting you, where you will discover an atypical universe of emotions that mix, clash and take shape. You will be carried by the sincerity of the texts, surrounded by a vaporous atmosphere. Orrin has things to say, feelings to shout about. This album is the perfect synthesis of it, that's why it bears his name.

Tell us about the development of this new album.
Orrin is our debut album, a digital commentary about humanities' reliance on technology. The project was produced entirely by friend and close collaborator, Warren Wolfe, whose voice can be heard lacing instrumentals such as Fall Through and Perfect Blue. We met Warren back in college and started demos (2015) that would take us four years to complete.

Why does this album carry your name?
This album is a coming of age piece, realizing our greater purpose to wake humanity from the clutches of large corporations and mass media brainwashing. On this project, we created a voice and sound that is unique to Orrin and his struggle as a black male in the American system. As a result, the album felt appropriate to be named after our government.

What are the topics covered in this project?
We tried to fit as much as we could into this record, bouncing between adolescence, tech singularity and black identity in America. These topics are then supplemented with the passé tropes of social life in New York.

What drives you to make music today?
People inspire us. We draw large sources of inspiration from the internet and trending movements around the world. Past the matrix found on our phones, listening to music and getting time to appreciate new mediums (e.g. museums, workshops) acts as a stimulant as well.

New clips in preparation?
Right now, we are in the final stages of rendering the "By My Side" music video which will be available on YouTube in February 2020. We are blessed to work with visual artist, Ned Stasio, who has been a valuable asset in creating most of the corresponding visuals for the album.

What are your dreams for 2019?
Our goal for 2019 and beyond is to set down the building blocks for a sustainable career in the entertainment industry. We hope that humanity heeds our warnings and finds inspiration in our work for their own creative journey.