APRIL 28, 2019


Meet Michelle Homonylo through a sensual and confusing shooting where shapes and colours bring us out of time. It is from passion, sweetness and a bit of sadness that she gets her imagination. Her beautiful photos speak for her - of bodies that seem lost, swimming in a place filled with melancholy.

What are the feelings you're trying to capture in your photos?
When I go into a shoot I don't always have a particular feeling in mind. Sometimes I feel an absence within the space and myself. I am naturally depressed so maybe that comes across.

Do you have an attraction for ancient places?
Not exactly.

Is there a metaphysical symbolism behind the animals in your photos?
If there is, I am unaware of it consiously. I just go with my gut- I tend to feel very psychically connected to animals.

Tell us about the link between the equipment you use and your aesthetics.
I used to primarily shoot 35mm with flash but these days I am much more open to other methods. The content of the photograph is the most important thing to me. It doesn't matter how I arrive there as much anymore.

Are you more attracted to cinema or painting?
Equally attracted to both. I don't really see a difference between them.

Projects in progress?
I am shifting my focus from photography to shooting video. I am interested to see how I will translate my approach from photography to moving images.