OCTOBER 14, 2019


For the release of his last track, Wu-Tang, we had a conversation with LOUISNUMBERZ. He told us about himself, how he works with his team, which he is very close to, and his aspirations. We met a very special artist, with a unique character that creates authentic and powerful music. One foot back in its roots, the past that made him and shaped its vision, another directed towards the future. From Ivory Coast to Paris, here is the discussion we had together.

What does your artist name mean
First of all my real name is Louis
And why numberz?
Cuz my group name is Numberzkingz
So it’s like Louis of Numberzkingz (NBKZ)
It refers to the fact that we all have an ID number
We all have a passeport number
In this life the society want us to be a number
So some of us refuse and try to be themselves

Is it like some kind of rebellion against the system
Not really a rebellion but like ''don't cut your wingz to live in someone else dream''

And who are the members of this group
We are 2 singers
As core of the group
But there are many people affiliated
Like graphics designers
Clothes designers
Beat makers
And when I work with them
I want us to get the best out of everyone
It’s like mutual trust

Your latest project is called Wu-Tang, what does it mean to you
When I heard the song
The instrumental I mean
I knew I wanted this chorus
When I finished the song I knew what I wanted for the video clip
The atmosphere of the street
Like a bridge between the 90's and today
I knew exactly what I wanted to wear
For the rest I let ''kroko'' and afronicks doing the art direction
Wu-Tang is like the first thing I really listened to when I was 10
I really liked how they put a special atmosphere in there videos clips and how the sonority was different
So for my first EP I wanted to pay a tribute

Is that what made you want to have your own clan
Not really
But Wu-Tang teach me that with joined strength we are stronger
It's a bit like Taylorism
Each people need to specialise in what they good for
So we can create something bigger
And I don't have the ego to do everything by myself
Sharing and trust in people work is really important for me

Is there a bigger goal than music in your work? Do you have any intentions beyond creation, anything political, a message
That's the key of everything
I want to create something intemporal and useful for people
I don't know what to say and how
But I know what I don't like
For now I want to create has a singer

In Wu-Tang, you talk about your childhood and Africa. Tell us a little more about it
I was born in Ivory Coast
And I move to France when I was like 11
My parents still live there
I just got my sister in Paris and my brother live in the US
When I was in Ivory Coast people was more influenced by US rappers than french rappers
So when I was 7 or 8 I used to wear du-rag
And when I arrived in France
People were always laughing at me cuz
My fashion was really inspired by this new York swag
But now I see a lot of people who wear du-rag coming back to the early 2000 swag
The sean John stuff, the shirt with the dragon
So I guess I was lit lool

What memories do you have of your childhood in Ivory Coast? And what influence does that have on you today
I grew up surrounded by a lot of different nationalities
So it helps me to always be curious and open minded
I don't like boxes
I don't want people to put me in box
I do many different stuffs
I’m not scared to experience things

What was your dream at that time
To have my own label and create what i feel with no limits

Your dreams haven't changed today, always the same fight
This is my dream in a short term
My goal is to create something useful for the next generation
To help someone
So I won't have regrets when I will die

Thank you Louis, we wish you all the best for the future
Thanks you the same