JUNE 25, 2019


This album is the work of Nassim and Antoine, two friends with complementary visions and techniques. It is a complete project that we discover for their very first collaboration, where visual and sound combine to create a unique atmosphere. Because January is both the sparkling gold of a bracelet, new football shoes and the noise of the street, but also the hot sand and the offshore wind, the calm then passion.

How did you guys meet?
We met at Design school during our studies 2011. We directly knew something was going to happen someday.

What led you to start this project?
We were roommate a year ago. Antoine (51degrés) did some track/prod/lives/mixes and I (Nassim AKA Roulouchi) discover a way to autotune my voice. We decided to do something together focusing on personal pleasure.

Tell us about the role of each one and the process of creating this album?
51degrés is the sound art director he almost did all the track productions. Then one of us begins to bring his voice melody on it (for us the melody is more important than content or subject). We brighten up with the other one voice to give deepness. It was all about feelings there isn't one way. It works like this for almost all of the songs on January 2019.

Why "January 2019"?
We wanted to release the projet at the very beginning of 2019 so we decided to name ourself January. « January 2019 » our project is a time reference.

So what were your inspirations for this album?
The moment we spent at this time and our lifestyle were inspiring enough. We also are huge fans of RNB & Hip Hop music we wanted to bring up something around RNB atmosphere.

Tell us about the visual aspect of the project and the importance it has in the development of your universe?
The image is as important as the music itself. For us it is the same creative process. Because of my job (Nassim) & our talented friends (Baptiste Lambert and Ben Dorado) we were able to design an entire mood around what January 2019 needed to be. You can see the gold cuban links bracelet as the main elements of the visual system.

Do you plan to make new clips for this album?
Do we have enough money ? The answer is yes! haha. To be honest we wanted to release 2 or 3 tracks this year (Hashour is already out) so 2 left. Let’s see if one song needs to be clipped or two… Feelings leads us.

Now, how do you see the evolution of your collaboration, and what can we wish you for the future?
You can wish us to keep doing what we do. As we said feelings leads us for music and other stuff. Time doesn’t matter.

A word of advice, what is the best way to listen to your music?
Drinking Tequila on a beach or in a couch chilling without Netflix with your tinder dates (yes dates).