MAY 10, 2020


Berlin based photographer Ava presents a series revolving around her little sister, Brighid, lovingly titled ‘Gigi’.

So far, Ava’s subjects only include close friends and family as opposed to professional models. She stages environments that assimilate notions of familiarity with alarming feelings of uncanniness and disruption. Through placing her models in unnatural environments and decontextualizing her intimate relationships with them, she exposes a totally unknown side of each person in the process, achieving a newfound feeling of closeness she never knew was possible.

Because her models are not used to being dressed up and photographed, they usually walk into a shoot extremely shy and reserved. Over the course of the shoot, she watches them transform, as these feelings give way to pure elation and confidence, and she feels honored to facilitate situations that foster courageousness, vulnerability, and self realization within those who are dear to her.

A tumultuous upbringing left her sister feeling aimless in a world that exuded the appearance of security and protection, so she frequently took to water as a place of refuge. This series embodies a metaphysical reflection of the “under water,” rekindling displaced memories of comfort in submergence—which can equally trigger claustrophobia—while breaching completely uncharted territory to do so; As someone who was always adverse to revealing clothing, makeup and being photographed, this was the first time Gigi allowed Ava to take photos of her after endless begging. It was through her embrace of the discomfort, like in the water, that she found freedom in the moment.